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Friday, July 5, 2019

Live from Regusse: It's the Blanc Martel Trail

No soccer today, you'd think it would be a day of rest? Alors!

Yesterday, we drove from Lyon down to the beautiful small town of Regusse, in the heart of Provence. Becks found us a fantastic two bedroom AirBnb with a luxurious bathroom, a washer and dryer, a swimming pool, and the most delightful hosts imaginable. They made it feel like a combination of a real BnB as well as being guests in someone's home. Highly recommended!

Anyway, Becks had identified, and our hosts confirmed, that the hike to do was the Blanc Martel Trail through the Verdon Gorge. Here is a snapshot of what we did:

Basically, we hiked down a deep deep gorge, went up  and down a lot (more than I expected) and the hiked back up. Total stats: 4.5 hours 28,000 steps, 11.8 miles, and 149 "ascending flights."

Here are some photos of the view from various elevations:

View down the gorge from about half way up.down.
View of the river from almost the bottom
Looking down the gorge from somewhere near the top
At the end, we went through a long tunnel and this was one of the lookouts Vertical view of the lake leading into the gorge
On the drive home, we stopped at the lookout to see the lake

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