Long ago (1988) I moved to Berkeley and started sending a monthly "newsletter" to my Boston friends. When I returned to Boston (1993), I continued the tradition for about five more years (or until I had kids). Looking back, I realize that I was actually blogging. Each newsletter contained anywhere from a few to several blog posts. Having been silent for the past decade or so, I've decided to resume these activities. Don't expect anything profound -- I tend to focus on what I find entertaining or amusing and perhaps sometimes informative. We shall see!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 4: Slow and Steady

It's pretty clear that there is less big news to report this week, but progress continues. It seems that the major milestones this week have been:
  • Walking without the cane pretty much all the time except for long walks.
  • Long walks are approaching 2.5 miles (with the uphills and downhills of Tower Road).
  • The last day of week four I did about 3/4 of the walk carrying the cane as opposed to using the cane.
  • I can regularly hit 10,000 steps and have hit a max of 13,000.
  • PT is feeling more like a workout -- it's all about rebuilding muscle strength.
I'm thinking that there will be only two more posts in this series, as the beginning of week six will bring me to my post-surgical appointment, and I expect to be pretty much fully functional. And anyway, I will need to start on my next blog series: flipping a classroom of 150 students!


  1. Glad to hear you that all is going well with your recovery. And I'm looking forward to your blog series on flipping a large classroom. I really enjoyed your previous blog postings on flipping, and at that time I was still working for industry.

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