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Friday, July 16, 2010

Peter Flies Again

Directors Andrea Southwick and Brett Camp brought to life the wonder that is Peter Pan last night on the Summer Fenn stage. Based on J.M. Barrie's story, adapted by Kathryn Schultz Miller, we learn of the story of Pan through our three stars, the twinkling kind, not the tabloid kind, played by Bridget Patenaude, Kylee Bowen, and Teagan Seltzer. The stars tell the story with a luminous attitude, only possible in 10-year-old girls.

The Pans, Peter and his shadow, masterfully played by Eleanor Tolly and Alison (Bob) Jabs, accompanied by the kazoo-speaking Tinkerbell (Maxine Markowitz), bring Wendy (Tess Ross-Callahan, Eva Santos), John (Julian Blatt), Michael (Chadwick Valpey), and the assembled audience on that mystical journey to Neverland. Upon arriving in Neverland, our travelers are greeted by a trio of elves, played by Nina Knight, Rose Crawford, and Emma Platt.

But their joy is short-lived, as Hook (Melissa Morgan) appears delivering a commanding performance, earning her character both fear and compassion from the assembled crowd. Hook's assorted pirate followers, Smee (Maya (Milsa) Capasso), Tattoo Bill (Tessa Englander), Noodler (Jamie Monteleone), and Skylights (Alec Mills), failed to terrify, but rather delighted -- no one can forget Noodler's agile handling of the ingredients list, Skylight's keeping an eye on things, or Smee's careful management of Tiger Lily.

Although Peter ultimately defeats Hook in battle, it is not Peter Pan that instills fear into the heart of Hook. No, that job is left to the Crocodile (Tess Ross-Callahan), whose snappy performance, authentic costume, and reptilian motion left lasting images in the minds of all who saw the show.

The Summer Fenn players will be presenting their final performance today, Friday, July 16 on the Fenn campus.

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